Fiddlehead Ferns



It’s that time of year again!  The fiddleheads are poking  themselves out of the ground in the sandy loam by the river.  Now, and only for about a week, are these delicacies available in the spring in Connecticut.  Gathering them and cleaning them becomes a family affair, as we all love their delicate flavor.  They taste somewhere between an asparagus and spinach; mild, yet crunchy and a tiny bit bitter.  Cook them any way you would cook asparagus and they are truly a treat.  We had them the simplest way….sautéed with salt and butter.  Tomorrow I might grill them with a lemon sauce.  We have had them dipped in batter and deep fried, chopped in salad or with hollandaise.  Any way you can think of is a good way, once you get a taste of this spring treat.



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